About Us
James Heaney and Co Accountants is a leading accountancy firm made up of passionate and professional people. Since the establishment of Heaney and Co Accountants we have been constantly updating and improving to suit our client’s needs, which is why we have provided our clients with an ‘accountant on the go’ by going digital.
What does going digital offer our clients?
Here at James Heaney and Co Accountants we understand that we live in a fast paced world and we know that going to see your accountant takes up a big chunk of your day. So, instead of travelling to your accountant’s offices, sitting waiting in reception areas and taking time out of your already busy day; what we have done is provided you with an alternative. We have given our clients the ability to file their tax returns, upload their receipts, and receive around the clock tax advice and so much more, anywhere you want, home, office or workplace. Head over to our member’s area to find out more.
A Chat with James Heaney
Hi, I’m James Heaney, Owner of and an Accountant at James Heaney and Co Accountants. The steps I took before becoming an accountant have provided me with the knowledge and experience that most of my clients come to me for.

My journey into accountancy is very different from your average accountant; instead of acquiring an education in accountancy I firstly obtained the education of life. When I left school I set out as an entrepreneur, owning a number of successful businesses ranging from taxi offices, construction, leisure and retail. My businesses were all doing well; I had a nice house, nice cars and a very comfortable life.

Unfortunately all that came to an end at the start of the recession; business slowed down, mortgage payments were missed, bills started to pile up until eventually the business closed and my house was repossessed. At that point I had nowhere else to go and the entrepreneur in me had no other business ideas. The one thing I did have though was experience of business management, bookkeeping and the knowledge that comes along with owning and running businesses for years. I decided to take that knowledge and pair it with an accountancy degree, so I spent a few years getting a degree and training as an accountant.

Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because I’m not like many other accountants; I’ve been on the other side of the desk. I understand what it’s like running your own business, living and dealing with the stress and pressures that come along with money problems and running a business. I’ve walked in your shoes and I’m here to help you through those steps. During my degree I was able to see exactly what mistakes I had previously made in business so I can help my clients learn from my mistakes. I’m known locally as the people’s accountant because I know what most people are going through during tough times and I’m here to help you through them. The drive I’ve gained through working from the young age of nine has followed me right through into accountancy, which is why I am passionate about every single client in James Heaney and Co Accountants. This passion has driven me to adapt my business to suit my clients so I can be there for them 24/7; my website offers each member a personal accountant so, no matter what time it is you can log in to your account and have access to our services. Go to our member’s area to find out how to become a member.