Only £80 per year to become a member

James Heaney and Co Accountants specialise in working with musicians, our systems fit into the hectic life of an entertainer and can help you save money and time. If you are a musician you will have to file a Tax Return each year to declare your earnings to the HMRC. This time consuming process has been made a lot easier by our online tax system. To help when doing the online/original application form we advise our clients to keep records of all earnings and accompanied by an organised record of all their fares and tips. This will stop our clients from paying more tax than necessary. To help with this, Heaney and Co can provide an online members area where are clients can upload their fares and tips. Register Now – to fill out your online application form, upload your images of your receipts/evidence of your expenses, see our hints and tips for your expenses and most importantly save money! For the benefit of our clients and to make the process as quick and as easy as possible, we advise our clients to keep records of all earnings. Keeping records of all those expenses seems like a daunting task but it’ll stop our clients from paying more tax than necessary. To help with this task, James Heaney and Co Accountants provide an online ‘Member’s Area’ that can be accessed 24/7.

How the Member’s Area works

• You become a member by registering & paying the yearly accountancy fee of £80 • Insert details; name, address, date of birth etc • Then you choose how you would like to submit your tax form; whether online, email or by post suits you • Throughout the year you can also upload all receipts and information about finances etc • Take full advantage of any promotions we are offering our members as well as unlimited tax and financial advice and loads more Our online service provides hints and tips for every step of your registration and application so if you get confused at any point the help is there, or you can go to our ‘Contact Us’ section with any queries. James Heaney and Co Accountants also understands that along with everyday life comes financial issues and daunting forms such as Housing Benefit forms, EMA etc. We complete all those forms as well as give financial advice all within the yearly £80

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