Sub Contractors

Only £150 per year to become a member

James Heaney and Co Accountants specialise in working with subcontractors, we have a fast and cost effective system that allows our clients to save money and time. If you are a subcontractor you need to submit a tax return to declare your earnings to the HMRC and pay the appropriate tax.

If you are a Sub contractor in the CIS you are probably having 20% tax deducted by the Contractor from your gross payment.

What James Heaney & Co Accountants will do is calculate your Tax Return, calculate any Tax that is due, the tax deductions will be credited and in many most cases we will get a refund for tax for you.

Unlike most accountants we do not take a percentage of your Tax Refund instead we charge a flat fee of £150 a year.

For the benefit of our clients and to make the process as quick and as easy as possible, we advise our clients to keep records of all earnings.

Keeping records of all those expenses seems like a daunting task but it’ll stop our clients from paying more tax than necessary.